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カスタマーサポート 偽造品(海賊版) 偽造品は、サポート対象外となります。偽造情報として多くご連絡いただいたもので、弊社にて確認できたものを公開しております。

Warning Regarding Bootleg Products

In recent years, bootleg products making use of the Nendoroid name or imitating other products distributed by Good Smile Company have been increasing. These items are usually sold on online shops and internet auction websites, as well as through private sales. Please note that Good Smile Company cannot provide support for bootleg products. Please always take care when you are purchasing products, as sellers will often attempt to make the product seem like an authentic product. Below are some helpful points to help prevent purchasing bootleg products.

Recent Bootleg Information

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Purchase Good Smile Company products only from officially recognised shops.

We highly recommend that you only purchase Good Smile Company products from recognised shops. This includes the GOODSMILE ONLINESHOP as well as all the shops listed on our official partner shops page.

 >> Official Partner Shop Listing (International)
 >> Official Partner Shop Listing (Japan)

Be particularly wary of sites that label figures as 'Asia Version' or ship out of suspicious locations. Also note that large online stores often have marketplaces for other sellers. Always take careful note of the seller name before purchasing.

Take note of the following when purchasing Good Smile Company products.

When purchasing from stores other than the GOOD SMILE ONLINESHOP or official partner shops, please take special note of the following points.


Almost all products will include the company logo and brand logo on the packaging - any product without these should be considered suspicious. In addition, other than a few select products, we do not sell 'international versions' or 'chinese versions' of products. We also do not sell any 'bulk' products that do not come with a box and packaging.

Example: A bootleg Nendoroid product that does not include the Good Smile Company or Nendoroid logos:

ねんどろいどエルサ偽造品 ねんどろいど時崎狂三偽造品

However, do note that certain stores will often use official images on their website, and then still send a bootleg product when purchased.

Product Release Timing

No products will ever be released before their release dates, unless they have specifically been labelled for early sales at a specific event. See a listing of upcoming release dates below.

>> GSC Product Release Schedule

Example: This product was scheduled for release in November 2015, but a bootleg was released before this date. The package design is completely different to the official product.

霞ヶ丘詩羽偽造品 霞ヶ丘詩羽偽造品

>> Bootleg Information: Good Smile Company's Utaha Kasumigaoka

Brand Imitation Products

Always check the official website and ensure that the product you are purchasing actually exists. Bootleg products will often make use of Good Smile Company's 'Nendoroid' or Max Factory's 'figma' brand names in an attempt to sell.

>> Good Smile Company Official Product Search
>> Good Smile Company Brand Listing

Example: This product makes use of the Nendoroid brand name, but 'Nendoroid Mikuzukin' is not at all listed in the Good Smile Company product line-up.


Color Variation Bootlegs

Example: A product painted a different color to the colors found on our official site is a bootleg product.


>> Mikuzukin's Official Product Page

Bootlegs Making Use of Alternate Character Names to Attract Buyers

Example: Bootlegs of 'Nendoroid Red' are often sold as 'Nendoroid Ash' or 'Pokemon Nendoroid Figure' instead of the official name.


> Nendoroid Red's Offical Product Page
> Bootleg Warning: Nendoroid Red (Good Smile Company)


Always be cautious of products that seem too cheap for no particular reason.

Specific Information on Common Bootlegs