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カスタマーサポート 偽造品(海賊版)情報 偽造品は、サポート対象外となります。偽造情報として多くご連絡いただいたもので、弊社にて確認できたものを公開しております。

Bootleg Warning : Rin Tohsaka -UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS- (Good Smile Company)

Tue 2012/07/10 18:00 JST
There are currently bootleg versions of Good Smile Company's figures being sold on online auction and marketplace websites.

These bootleg figures are made illegally based off the original versions without permission from Good Smile Company, and hence we unfortunately cannot offer any support for these bootleg figures. There are also many cases where these bootleg figures still feature the official logos of Good Smile Company or the companies we distribute for, however these logos are also not used with any permission. Always take care when buying goods online.

- Note -

Below is one example of a bootleg figure, please note that is is only one possibility. You should always be on the look out for anything suspicious.
Also note that there can be bootlegs of various figures, not just the examples shown on this website.

Left: Bootleg Version / Right : Official Version


● Box : Holographic Sticker

The official version features a holographic sticker on the back of the box which is often missing on the bootleg version.

● Extra Parts : Sword Pommels

The grips and pommels on the swords are incorrect on the bootleg version. The official version uses clear plastic for the short red dagger's pommel.

● Exchangeable Parts : Hand

The bootleg version doesn't leave space between the fingers on the hand. The painting of the jewels is much messier on the bootleg version.

● Exchangeable Parts : Hand

The chain part of the amulet doesn't have the same detail to look like a chain on the bootleg version.

● Head : Hair Paintwork

The shape of the hair is incorrect and the paintwork is much more coarse on the bootleg version.

● Legs : Thighs & Socks

Not enough gloss is applied to the socks on the bootleg version.
The official version also neatly separates the socks and the thigh, while the bootleg version has the two parts sculpted as a single piece causing the paintwork to be very messy.

Please contact us at the following with regard to bootleg figures:
E-mail: legal@goodsmile.jp