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カスタマーサポート 偽造品(海賊版)情報 偽造品は、サポート対象外となります。偽造情報として多くご連絡いただいたもので、弊社にて確認できたものを公開しております。

Bootleg Warning : Nendoroid L (Good Smile Company)

Fri 2008/09/05 22:39 JST
- Note -

Below is one example of a bootleg figure, please note that is is only one possibility. You should always be on the look out for anything suspicious.
Also note that there can be bootlegs of various figures, not just the examples shown on this website.

● Box Differences

The orange used on the bootleg version is a much darker shade of orange. You can also hardly see the pattern in the background.

● Eyes : Blotted Painting / Skin: Gloss

The bootleg version features very thick borders around all parts of the eye. The edges of the eyes also have very blotted looking paintwork.
The skin on the bootleg version is also much more glossy than the official version.

● Chair : Sculpting Differences

The official version features an extra part separated from the legs of the chair, while the bootleg version simply creates a single piece.
The official version also uses ABS for the chair legs, allowing for a sturdy leg that will not bend.
The bootleg version uses a softer plastic that bends if you apply pressure.

● Fringe Parts : Color Differences

The official version fringe attachment parts are a skin color, while the bootleg version makes use of an off-brown color.