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Partner Shop Listing

Thank you for your interest in the Good Smile Company Partner Shop program!

To join our team of partner shops, please fill in the official partner shop application form below.

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The following are requirements and benefits of our partner shops.
Please ensure your shop fulfills all the requirements before applying.


  • Must take preorders of all items offered by Good Smile Company in the region..
  • Must not sell bootlegs or counterfeits of any Good Smile Company related products.
  • Must have an active account with one of our distributors for at least six months.
    • If you cannot find the official distributor in your region, please write an introduction request to: overseas@goodsmile.jp
    • You may be required to purchase a certain amount from our official distributor(s) in order to qualify as a partner shop.
  • Your application will be reviewed by Good Smile Company as well as our official distributors.
  • There will also be an annual review performed by Good Smile Company as well as distributors.
    • If at any time you are found to no longer meet the criteria above, you will be subject to removal from the Partner Shop program.


  • Your shop information will be listed on the official Good Smile Company website: http://www.goodsmile.info/ps
  • Official Good Smile Company Partner Shop stickers provided if you have physical store.
  • Banner (graphic link) provided for your official website.
  • Seasonal campaigns offered.
  • Partner Shop exclusive items are offered.

* We reserve the right to reject your application if your shop does not meet our requirements or is not qualified for any other reason.

Official Partner Shop Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our partner shops!
We'd like to confirm several details about your shop as part of the application process.
Please allow us about a week to go over your applciation once submitted.
*Please note that depending on the nature of your inquiry, you may be contacted by one of our group companies.

Please enter information in standard English characters. Invalid characters will reset input!
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* Do you take preorders from your customers?
* How much do you know about
bootleg/counterfeit products?

I have read and agree to the Requirements and Benefits listed above: